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T = Pot Height
D = Pot Diameter

Ideal Uses Small Pots:
Cotton swabs
Cotton Balls
Kitchen Scrub Brush
Ideal Uses Medium Pots:
Utensil Holder
Brushes & Combs
Pillar Candle
Silk Flowers
Ideal Uses Large Pots:
Outdoor Plants
Rolled Towels for Bath
Ideal Uses Mini Birdbath:
Hair Assessories
Soap Bar
Liquid Potpourri

Apple Check
2.5"T by 2.5"D
Item# P001

Bird House Birdbath
3.5"T by 4"D
Item# P002

Snow Couple
5.5"T by 4.5"D
Item# P003

Country Hearts & Flowers
4"T by 4.75"D
Item# P004

Tomato Starter Set
Includes soil and seeds
to get started
Item# P005

Miss Teddy
5.5"T by 4.5"D
Item# P006

Country Cat
5.5"T by 4.5"D
Item# P007

Aged Rose
7"T by 8"D
Item# P008

Starter Set
Soil & Seed included
Item# P009

Sunflower Starter Set
Soil & Seed included
Item# P010

REMEMBER: All items are originals and sell on first come first serve basis!

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