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How to Place an Order

Willow Run quilts & crafts is a very small, very intimate company selling only
hand-designed originals. Therefore the expense of a shopping cart feature would make
us have to add to the price of our products. So, we have decided to keep this as
simple as possible.

As you peruse our site, jot down the item number(s) of the item(s) you are
intersested in.
When you are ready to order click on the order button on any page.
Email to us:
Your Name
Items Number(s) you Desire
Your Shipping Address
Method of Payment

All information you give us WILL be kept confidential!
We do NOT condone SPAM mailing nor unsolicited mail.

As soon as we receive your order, we will place a RESERVE on your item
until payment is received. The item will then be removed from the site
and replaced with a brand new Willow Run original.

After you order, you will receive an email confirmation stating:
Item(s) Ordered
Reserve Availability (we are first come/first serve)
Shipping Cost (see Shipping & Payment page)
Your Order Information

You will also be emailed the day your Item(s) are shipped.

We are honest people and expect the same of our customers.
Please do not Reserve an Item if you do not expect to complete
the transaction.

Please read our Shipping & Payment page before placing an order.

Thank you once again from all of us at Willow Run
and have a great day!