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Note to Buyer

We would like to take a moment to reinforce that
Willow Run quilts & crafts
Is not a large, professional operation producing mass quantities of product.
We are a small, intimate group of crafters plying our trade.
We do not, nor will we ever, use industrial machines to create our products.
Tiny flaws, like a crooked stitch, may keep us separated from
large, professional companies.
We don't care.
We feel it is our tiny flaws that make us all unique.
Every item we make is created with love and care...
by people just like you!
What you see is what you get.
Anything we feel might detract from the quality
(like natural flaws in the pots)
will be shown and stated in the item's description.

We will NEVER sell an item that we ourselves would not be proud
to display in our own homes.

Small companies like Willow Run survive on great reputations.
So order with confidence.

Have a great day
Thanks again
From the crafters of Willow Run

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